Property Asset Acquisition Specialists

Property and Plantation

Empowered Investments

Through our specialized sourcing and structuring projects we partner with HNW and UHNW Individuals or institutions to acquire property assets of USD 3 million plus in order to achieve:

We are then able to share these benefits to our member investors where we provide safe and secure investments, with above average returns.

We choose to leverage through sharing systems and this provides us with the ultimate WIN/WIN/WIN scenarios.

The fundamental principles enable us to protect our position over time, without being concerned about external factors such as market , government or environmental changes.

We diligently ensure each project meets our high values;

  • Never buy at market value
  • High Quality Micro Locations
  • No Loans/Borrowing
  • ZERO Loss Tolerance
  • Income Generating (High Net Cash Positive)
  • Exceptional Property Management
  • Portfolio Benefits
  • Tax Benefits