Are Stock Markets At Risk?

Are Stock Markets At Risk?

I have personally always struggled to truly grasp the concept of financial markets, and other trading platforms.


I consider myself a very capable financial thinker and in control of my emotions, and able to understand trends, however there has always been a niggling feeling that I get whenever I endeavor to look further into such platforms.

I have always felt much more comfortable with Real Estate, and this is where I have chosen to focus my investments, and is where I recommend my clients to do the same.


Recently I have realized more and more why this is. With land and buildings, I can see a more direct correlation to the value. It is physical and is something we all need, in an ever-growing population. Whilst there are always possibilities of peaks and troughs, in Real Estate this is much more simple to manage, in my view. If we look at the cash flow, then that will be unlikely too change, provided it is a well-researched property.


When I look at stock markets I just cant help but think of all that printed money which has been propping up the value, through recent times, when logically we should have been hit much harder.

I am not writing as an expert on such markets, far from it. I have however been saying for quite some time, that things just don’t feel right to me, overall, and it is not something I have been prepared to offer to others.


I have myself invested smaller money into stock markets, Forex, options trading etc, and I have had good results, with the help of friends whom are doing well in this area.


However I still feel that this is very risky, and I believe right now is the riskiest of all times. Things just don’t seem to add up to me.


I came across this article recently, and I am not saying that this will happen, however I do feel that a lot of people could risk to lose a lot (Will it be again a case of the rich getting richer, and everyone else falling further behind wonder?).



‘China to spark global financial ICE AGE with depression sending markets crashing by 75%’



I do believe that there are many possibilities of bubbles, and that they are due to pop. I do believe that there is a high chance of a lot of deflation, and this is already happening in many countries. It is not all doom and gloom, as through times of troubles come great opportunities.

It is those whom position themselves best, and are fully prepared who will ultimately come out on top.

My hope is that not too many of the average working people get hit too hard by these tough times, which are looking likely. Lets hope things like pensions are not taken down even further this time.

Strap yourself in, educate yourself, and be prepared, that is my advice to all of you.


Cash Performance Mentor

Mark Graham

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