Small Change = Big Change

Small Change = Big Change

One of the key steps to improve your results is to learn how to make positive changes.  Those who can embrace change in their life are far more likely to keep progressing and keep improving.

You cannot expect to keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results.  Therefore to get better results, you must make changes.

These changes may be changes to your diet, changes to the strategies you use, changes to the way you think, the list goes on and on.

I certainly believe that in order to achieve success in which ever form you desire, you must take massive action.  However the truth is also, that you are far LESS likely to continue with massive action.

This is because your subconscious mind, does not want you to change, it wants you to stay exactly where you are now, and to be “safe”.  This can also be referred to as taking you out of your “comfort zone”, or “familiar zone”.  These thoughts can create uncomfortable feelings, and is when most people give up on these changes and go back to being “safe”.

It is very difficult for you to maintain the motivation over time, and gradually you start to give up, and go back to how you were before.

imgres Small changes will improve your chances of keeping them going, which will have a  compound affect on your results.  When you achieve them you are far more likely to continue  to make further small changes, towards your goals.

It is far better to make small changes, which you continue over time, than to attempt massive  action, only to give up.


Can you manage 30 minutes a day?

Get up 30 minutes earlier each day, and read a book related to the field that you operate in.  If  you are in sales, read a book in sales, if you are looking for spiritual growth, read a book  related to that.


You will have easily read 20 books by the end of the year, which is related to your field.  Not only that but by reading when you wake up, you are exercising your mind and getting ready for the day ahead.

30 mins a day over two years will be the equivalent of a doctorate in your field, and because you will be applying them practically in your day to day work, it is even better than that.

Choose changes that you know you can stick to, and do not attempt to make too many drastic changes in one go, as the chances are you will not keep them going.

Small changes allow you to continuously move in the right direction, and this is how you can more easily build and create BIG RESULTS.


Mark Graham

CEO and Founder

Graham Investment Partners


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2 Responses to “ “Small Change = Big Change”

  1. Ng Chee Koon says:

    Hi Mark, thanks coach! You made me realise maximising cash performance is an important step towards financial freedom and I’ve been maximising the performance of my cash ever since.

    • Profile photo of Mark Graham Mark Graham says:

      Hi CK, that is great news! Well done on taking those steps, and keep going. I hope you enjoy my further blogs and that they can help you to achieve your outcome. Remember to think big, and keep your outcome in mind, as if you already have it, whilst taking those steps of continuous improvement.

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