Plantation Ownership

We provide plantation ownership opportunities for our investors who are looking for low risk, and high return medium term investment.

The forestry asset class was for a long time only available to institutions and corporate investors doing it as a business

Now clients can benefit from sharing in the profits of this extremely successful industry.

Introducer Programmes

  • Are you looking for new and exciting first grade investment opportunities to give to your clients with low risk.

  • That gives you and your team freedom to develop, surrounded by people who have a mutual drive for success in a USD 12 Billion a year industry.

  • We are passionate about our introducers professional development and provide outstanding training and sales opportunities. We offer a variety of exciting opportunities across many global markets.

Member Opportunities

Our members are able to benefit from our Ecosystem and leverage of our main Cash Acquisition strategy. Our members have various opportunities including:

  • Shared Property Acquisition (Mid/Long Term)
  • Fixed Returns Option (Short Term)
  • Individual Property Acquisition (Mid/Long Term)
  • Shared Plantation Ownership (Mid/Long Term)

All of our investment opportunities are private investments and are not available to the general public.

We ensure our members achieve the benefits of property gains and cash flows, with full legal structure and protection included.

These smaller portfolios can also be focussed on Cash flow or Gain, depending on the investors criteria.

Fully Managed and Structured Portfolios