Property Acquisition

We create portfolios for high performing property asset acquisition.

We target 30 plus units in one location in order to create efficiency and to ensure high rental performance.

We provide fully managed opportunities for our HNW and UHNW/Institutional investors through:

  • Off Market BMV Property Sourcing and Networks
  • Local Market Analysis
  • Relationships and Contracts
  • Efficient Global Structuring
  • Local Management Expertise
  • Portfolio Benefits
  • Tax Benefits

Whilst we do look Globally for opportunities, our main focus and relationships are in the UK, and SEA.

The Asset classes we focus on to provide a high rental yield include:

  • Residential Apartments in key Micro locations on the outskirts of the City Centre
  • Commercial Shared Office Space
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Air B n B Developments

Asset Management

When acquiring property assets we ensure that they are fully managed by localised professionals with a full track record in the area. With our number one aim being to ensure the regular income return from the properties, you can be sure that this is all taken care of.

Whilst most of our acquisitions are recently fully renovated and already tenanted, this applies to not only the leasing of the properties but also with regards to any refurbishment and maintenance requirements.

When it comes to rental returns we focus on asset classes that have waiting lists of tenants.

The same applies for our Forestry Assets, which are fully managed by localised teams and professionals, and is the key to success.

Structured Portfolios

We ensure that our investors maximize the performance of the acquisitions through specialised company structures.

We consider the Asset Acquisition to be a business designed for profit, and we set u the portfolios accordingly.

This enables our investors to enjoy their returns with multiple benefits, such as Taxation, Strong Legal Framework, Financial Planning and more flexible exit opportunities.

Fully Managed and Structured Portfolios